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Welcome to Fall Belltower 2014

Yawgoog Alumni Association Members,

The 99th Yawgoog camping season has now ended and we will now begin our planning for the celebration of Yawgoog’s 100th Season!  But first a recap of YAA’s support to Yawgoog over the past year . . . .

Your generosity and support allowed YAA to support Yawgoog programs and infrastructure with the following:

  • Rowboats                              $10,500
  • CPR mannequins                  $1,400
  • Paddleboards                         $5,000
  • Shotguns                                $7,243
  • Sails                                        $2,950
  • Picnic tables                           $3,000
  • Memorial Room                      $1,000
  • Robotics start-up                   $5,000
  • Rt. 138 sign design                $1,300

Thank you!!!

And now on to the 100th Season. . .  We have many events in the planning and would welcome any recommendations our members may have.  Here’s what we are planning so far:

  • YAA Day of Service (Spring 2015)

An opportunity for YAA members to pitch in a camp work project

  • Centennial Family Camping Weekend (May 30 -31, 2015)

Activities will include archery range, BB-gun shooting, low COPE course, nature, crafts.

  • OA Centennial Conclave (June 5 – 7, 2015)

Yawgoog will be hosting OA’s centennial celebration.

  • Week 1 Saturday Night Show (July 4, 2015)

The official kick-off of the two year centennial celebration.

  • Yawgoog Days (August 1, 2015)

Our annual reunion with an opportunity to once again experience Yawgoog.  Activities will include: a swim in Yawgoog Pond, paddle boarding, shooting sports, tours, memorabilia sale, . . .

  • Centennial Family Camping Weekend II (September 2015)

Activities will once again include archery range, BB-gun shooting, low COPE course, nature, crafts.

We should all be excited for the beginning of our Centennial Celebration!  The next two years should be filled with exciting events that will help all of us relive our time at Camp.  Please include your friends and families in the celebration.  Be sure to contact all your Scouting friends and remind them that this is their opportunity to reconnect with the place we all love so much.

Yours in Scouting,


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