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The Yawgoog Alumni Association welcomes you to the 2014 reunion

For the first time alumni will swim in Yawgoog Pond, paddle a canoe, enjoy a rowboat, kayak, sail, try out the new paddleboards, learn low cope skills, make a basket, braid a lanyard, and do all the fun things we did as scouts. Breakfast, lunch, and the Chief Yawgoog BBQ will be provided. Don’t miss this one of a kind reunion.

8 AM-12 NOON Check In at Donald North Court – Administrative check in & obtain a guest wristband
8 AM-9AM Breakfast at Donald North Court – Eggs, sausage, pancakes, coffee, milk, juice
9 AM-12 NOON Visit camps and participate in program area activities * Camp Three Point
Medical check in and swim test required before participating in any Camp
Three Point or Ashaway aquatics activities
Alumni Open Swim – Paddle a canoe or take out a rowboat on Yawgoog Pond
*Ashaway Aquatics Center – Actually try out the new paddleboards Paddle a kayak, take out a sailboat
See what’s happening at the Nature Center – Participate in Campcraft Center activities – See if you can still splice a rope, tie a sheet bend
When’s the last time you boiled water in a paper cup?See if you still know how.There will be lots of fun activities.
Craft Stockade – Make a basket or braid a lanyard – Do all the great activities we did as Scouts
12 NOON-1 PM Lunch at Donald North Court – Hamburger, hot dog, rolls, salad, chips, condiments, bug juice, ice cream
1 PM-3:30 PM Continuous Bus Service to Camps & Program Areas
1:30 PM-3:30 PM Activities – Visit Yawgoog Heritage Center – Memorabilia & Photo Displays – Sale of historic & collectible patches
2 PM-3:30 PM Refreshments at Donald North Court
2 PM-3:30 PM Special Activities – Test your skills at the Rifle or Archery Range
**Receive instruction and actually do low COPE and team building exercises Observe Camps Three Point, Medicine Bow, and Sandy Beach swim meets
3:30 PM-4 PM Welcome & Alumni Gathering & Presentation of 2014 Projects at Donald North Court
4 PM-4:30 PM Decade Photos
4:30 PM-5 PM Chief Yawgoog BBQ
8 PM-9 PM Saturday Night Show
9PM Depart at your leisure…………Drive Home Safely
* To participate in any aquatics activities at the Camp Three Point waterfront or Ashaway Aquatics Center you must have a completed BSA Health Form signed by a physician, pass a swim test, and receive a buddy tag. You must qualify as a Swimmer to take out a canoe, rowboat, kayak, sailboat, and paddleboard.**You will be required to sign a release before participating in COPE
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