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Vincent Criscitelli

Vincent Criscitelli

Twenty-four-year-old Vincent Criscitelli of Enfield, Conn., learned about volunteering, helping others and working with young people during four years as a staff member at Camp Yawgoog, and these skills have stayed with him.

Criscitelli — who won a staff scholarship in 2014 — started as a Tiger Cub, and made Eagle Scout in 2010. “My Eagle Service Project was 97 hours… I always look into doing things like that as opportunities to help out. I pride myself on how much I want to help people.”

Criscitelli is now an assistant at a youth center in his area and tries to bring all the positive aspects Vincent Criscitelli
of Scouting and sports to his current job. He works with inner-city youths, ages 8 to 18, and introduces them to new areas of activity. “We do hiking so kids can get out on the trail and be in nature a little bit,” said Criscitelli. Now the center is doing a basketball program.

In the meantime, Criscitelli is on track to earn his associate’s degree at Manchester Community College this year, working two other jobs as well. He plans on a career as a physical therapist, or as a high school history teacher.  “There’s no better place, like, ever,” he said of Yawgoog.

Friends he made at Camp Yawgoog, he said, are his best friends today. What makes camp such a setting for lifelong friendships? “You’re removed from everything, and thrown into the fire of having to work with each other for the entire summer,” said Criscitelli. “We all still talk on a regular basis, every week.” He said he also tries to travel to Scouting award ceremonies and events when possible, including to the 100th year Jamboree in the Dominican Republic, to see a friend.







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