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Reliving the Decades!

Pic1Gary Boden, Rocco Marcaccio


Seated: Bob Carlson, Harold Nelson, Gus Pagel, Dave Nichols, Don Hansen, Ted Sundin
Standing: Irving “Chub” Clement, Bill Dwyer, Tom Pendergast, Bruce Fogel,
Bob Phaneuf, Norm Cowen, Mal Salter, Dave Wilbourn


Seated: Jim Glawson, Tom Gibney, Oscar Tassone, Joe Herbold, John Coduri, Dennis Lavoie
Standing: Richard King, Barry Musto, Larry O’Keefe, Roger Cardin,
Herb Fogel, Andy Erickson, Paul Feeney, Dick Clark, George Egan


Bottom Row: Jack Peacock, Jim Lanzi, Jim Cunha, John Kingston, Kent Harrop, Rob DelPrete
Middle Row: Al Fontana, Don Schollin, Kevin Cullen, Al Whittaker, Bruce Ingham,
Chuck DeBevoise, Lou Long, Alan Bowker, Ronalds Platt
Top Row: Eddie Moran, Tom DelPrete, John Gilmore, Hoppy Hopkins, Bill Gibney, Dave Lavoie, Paul Russell, Mike Schwab, Gary Boden, Mike Kuchar, Alan Tydeman, Dave Talan, Mark Faiola, Kevin Bowling, Ken Bowling, Steve Goldstein


Seated: Warren Cyr, Mike McGrath, Mike Guastini, Al Rubin, Mike Kent, John Carty, Arne Johnson
Standing: Phil Irons, Steve Dolan, Paul Russell, Dean Quaranta, Howie Brightman,
John Hopkins, Donnie Carlson, Shawn Donahue, Mike Cote


Seated: Garry Fullerton, Marc Cardin, Rob Wombson, Judy Ferrante,
John Vuono, Peter Guastini, Jose Gonzalez
Standing: Bruce Fullerton, John Blais, Jason Lavoie, Adam Copp, Roger Chatell


Seated: Pat Saxon, Tom Hackett, Luke Landherr, Steve Priest, Curt Abbott,
Cliff Katzenelson, Rob Wombson
Standing: Adam Copp, Mike Hogan, James Pendlebury, Jason Cyr, Scott Breguet, Tom Kostura, Mary Cryan, Pete Raho, Patrick McDonald, Daniel Friel, Eric Abbott


Seated: Jonathan Segura, Kevin McDonald, Ginger Russell, Bryan Kuchar,
Jason Chatell, John Mosby, Jace Gangel, Will Masse
Standing: Paul Russell, Rabbi Sol Goodman, Judy Ferrante, Cliff Katzenelson

2 Responses to Reliving the Decades!

  1. Gary Boden November 20, 2015 at 7:34 pm #

    Just to be clear, I didn’t camp at Yawgoog during the 1930s. My grandfather, Herb Boden, Sr., was Rocco Marcaccio’s scoutmaster and I was happy join him for this photo.

  2. John A. Kingston Sr November 23, 2015 at 2:33 pm #

    My uniform shirt was somehow a little tight that day. Kudo’s to the courageous photographer who stood in front tempting fate and those buttons!!!

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