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Reliving the Decades!

Pic1Gary Boden, Rocco Marcaccio


Seated: Bob Carlson, Harold Nelson, Gus Pagel, Dave Nichols, Don Hansen, Ted Sundin
Standing: Irving “Chub” Clement, Bill Dwyer, Tom Pendergast, Bruce Fogel,
Bob Phaneuf, Norm Cowen, Mal Salter, Dave Wilbourn


Seated: Warren Cyr, Mike McGrath, Mike Guastini, Al Rubin, Mike Kent, John Carty, Arne Johnson
Standing: Phil Irons, Steve Dolan, Paul Russell, Dean Quaranta, Howie Brightman,
John Hopkins, Donnie Carlson, Shawn Donahue, Mike Cote


Seated: Garry Fullerton, Marc Cardin, Rob Wombson, Judy Ferrante,
John Vuono, Peter Guastini, Jose Gonzalez
Standing: Bruce Fullerton, John Blais, Jason Lavoie, Adam Copp, Roger Chatell


Seated: Pat Saxon, Tom Hackett, Luke Landherr, Steve Priest, Curt Abbott,
Cliff Katzenelson, Rob Wombson
Standing: Adam Copp, Mike Hogan, James Pendlebury, Jason Cyr, Scott Breguet, Tom Kostura, Mary Cryan, Pete Raho, Patrick McDonald, Daniel Friel, Eric Abbott


Seated: Jonathan Segura, Kevin McDonald, Ginger Russell, Bryan Kuchar,
Jason Chatell, John Mosby, Jace Gangel, Will Masse
Standing: Paul Russell, Rabbi Sol Goodman, Judy Ferrante, Cliff Katzenelson

2 Responses to Reliving the Decades!

  1. Gary Boden November 20, 2015 at 7:34 pm #

    Just to be clear, I didn’t camp at Yawgoog during the 1930s. My grandfather, Herb Boden, Sr., was Rocco Marcaccio’s scoutmaster and I was happy join him for this photo.

  2. John A. Kingston Sr November 23, 2015 at 2:33 pm #

    My uniform shirt was somehow a little tight that day. Kudo’s to the courageous photographer who stood in front tempting fate and those buttons!!!

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