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Reawaken the Young Boy

Paul Choquette Jr.

Paul J. Choquette, Jr.

Paul Choquette Jr., Yawgoog 100th Anniversary Committee Chairman, says things are heating up as the group plans the camp’s 100 year anniversary celebration.  Activities to mark the event will begin this May during the 100th camping season and continue into 2016.

The members of the growing committee meet more frequently now that the 100th Camping Season is just months away, and they have been putting plans in place to make this occasion a memorable experience for all who attend. “To celebrate, we are inviting alumni from near and far to return to Yawgoog to hike the trails, use watercraft on the pond and revisit their youth,” said Choquette.

From May through October of this year, there will be Family Camping Weekends, guided hikes, shows and Days of Service.  The Yawgoog Homecoming will take place on July 30, 2016, with an opening reception the day before.  Monthly guided hikes will continue through fall of 2016.

Chief J. Harold Williams pinning the Marvel Award on Paul J. Choquette, Jr.

Chief J. Harold Williams pinning the Marvel Award on Paul J. Choquette, Jr.

“It’s a big thing to bring back and reawaken the young boy in many men,” said Choquette.  “They’ll come back and basically revisit places where they formed much of their character.”

Choquette attended camp for five summers — as a camper, then a leader — and earned the rank of Eagle Scout, as did his two brothers.

Yawgoog’s 100th Anniversary efforts are supported by a good mailing list of past campers and some detective work, when needed. “We’re doing a lot of research,” Choquette said.  “A lot of young men received the Eagle rank at Yawgoog, and we do the best we can to track them down.”




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  1. James "Hector" Andrews July 26, 2016 at 2:40 am #

    Was on staff at Medicine Bow, then at Tree Point.; first as a bugler and then as the mess hall manager (not exactly sure of the dates. I think 1951 and 1952).With all of the moves since that time, I didn’t keep all of my records from that period of my life. Not to worry, I remember that time fondly, for it was to form me for the rest of my young adult life. Great place, good times and wonderful fellowship.In fact, I believe that I enjoyed the friendship of the chairman of this centennial celebration, Mr. Choquette back in the day. Also, Uncle Brad, Frak Tostee? And of course, the Chief…J. Harold Williams, who encouraged and gave me that first position on a promise tha I could play “reveille” by the first day of camp.

    Congrats on the milestone. Wish I could be there. However, not possible at this time….My spirit, though, on that day will be present….so listen for the bugle……

    Cordially, James “Hector” Andrews

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