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Projects for 2014

Fellow Alumni:

This year we need your help to reach our goal to supply our beloved Yawgoog with some wonderful projects that will greatly enhance the Scouting experience for more than 6500 Scouts that have chosen Yawgoog as their summer camp experience. We have set a goal of $30,000 and with your tax deductible contribution, you can help us reach that goal and in the end, help to enrich the lives of those scouts like our lives were enriched by Yawgoog.

paddleboatsLast year we purchased Paddle Boards to be used at Ashaway Sailing Center. These were such a big hit with the Scouts that we want to purchase more for this summer. As luck would have it, paddle boarding is a new merit badge offered this year. This award has been developed in response to the increase in popularity of stand-up paddle boarding in recent years. This sport has grown dramatically, not only on the coasts but on inland recreational waterways as well. We have committed to adding to the “fleet” at camp in response to the new merit badge.

mirror_craftIn addition to the paddle boards, we are also going to purchase new Mirror Craft rowboats. How many we get depends upon the response that we get from Alumni members. We are shooting for a minimum of six boats. We will buy two for each waterfront. More depending on the generosity of folks like you.

shooting_portsWe are also going to support the shooting sports program with the addition of new rifles and shotguns. The Shooting Sports Program strives to provide a safe and rewarding experience for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venture Crews. The proper Knowledge, Skill, and Attitude are emphasized by all Instructors, Coaches, and Range Safety Officers for Archery, BB, Rifle and Shotgun.

For many Scouts, dreams are realized at Summer Camp and especially at Yawgoog. The sailing program at camp fulfills those deams of spending time out in the water and being in charge. sailingIn the past we have purchased Dyer Dhows for use in the sailing program at camp. We are now in need of replacing some of the sails on these wonderfully sturdy and Scout friendly boats. Yes, the sailing regatta is still a fixture at summer camp with the winners recognized at the Sunday Dress Parade.

Please take a moment to remember your wonderful experiences as a Scout at Camp Yawgoog. And as you do, please consider helping us to reach our goal by making your donation to the Yawgoog Alumni 2014 Project Fund today.


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