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ARCHER, DR. ROY “PAT” (Escondido, CA) 1953 – Pat writes:  I was Scoutmaster of Troop 649 Escondido, CA for 38 years.  Largest and most active troop in San Diego Council.  I have 42 SM’s and 148 boys have earned Eagle Rank during 38 years.  I was a Three Point Scoutmaster Provisional Troop in 1953, Assistant Director at Medicine Bow in 1954 and I lead expeditions out of Yawgoog in 1955.  I am a retired Col. In the US Army and I have received the Silver Beaver Award. (Well, Pat, it looks like you have had a very active ‘Scouting life’ – thanks for all your good works!  Judy)

CAESAR, Arthur G.  (Westport, MA)) 1966 – I was on the Professional Staff at the Narragansett Council and served as first Buck Hill Staff Program Director in 1970.  Served with H. Cushman Anthony.   I have received the District Award of Merit, the George Bucklin Award and the Silver Beaver.  (Art – all deserving awards for a great professional staff member and volunteer – and you are still at it!  Thanks!  Judy)

COLLARD FAMILY – RYAN AND STEPHEN (Cumberland, RI) 2009 – Ryan is an Eagle Scout who served at the Sandy Beach Waterfront as a Lifeguard in 2013, 2014 and will again in 2015.  He is a member of Troop 1 Diamond Hill, Cumberland, RI.  Father Stephen attended Yawgoog for the first time as a Scout Leader with Troop 1 Diamond Hill and currently serves as Scoutmaster of that troop.

Frank Foisy, Sr. then and now

Frank Foisy, Sr. then and now

FOISY, SR., Frank E. (Deerfield, NH) 1959 – Frank writes: Missed last year for the 1st time in 20 years (son got married my week at camp). I’ll be there this year for the 100th Party. Oh yeah, I’m retiring in April – can’t wait. Need Staff for next summer, Judy? (Hey, Frank, we could always use more help at Yawgoog – so glad you will be with us on August 1st for Yawgoog’s 100th Camping Season Celebration! Okay, Yawgoog Alumni – Frank is challenging all of you to come to the August 1st Celebration at Yawgoog.  Hope to see you all there! Judy)

GEORGE, Bernard(Coventry, RI) 1953 – Bernard writes: I’m a retired LTC US Army Reserves – 30 years’ service.  As a Scouting volunteer received the SM Distinguished Service Award and the Silver Beaver.

GRINNELL, Kenneth (Manchester, NH) 1964 – Kenneth writes: I resigned, effective Sept. 1, 2014, after 38 years as Minister of Music of the First Congregational Church of Manchester, NH.  My career continues, part-time, as a member of the Grace Episcopal Church Music Staff (also Manchester, NH) and am involved as Music Director for productions, including “Cats” this April.  Am also Membership Chair of the Massabesic Yacht Club, where I sail to my heart’s content.

HAGENAU, W. Paul (Lutz, FL) 1949 – Paul writes: Now in my 53rd year of private high school teaching.  (Wow Paul – good for you – and I thought working at Narragansett Council for 31 years was a long time – I don’t think I’m going to make it to 53 years though!  Judy)


Wendy Harris 1947

HARRIS, Wendell G. (Cumberland, RI) 1940 – Wendy’s first year at Yawgoog was in 1940 with Troop 52 Providence sponsored by Central Baptist Church.  He was a staff man at all three camps.  In 1942, he was Assistant Campmaster at TUOCS; in 1943 he was Campmaster at Frontier; and, in 1947 he was Waterfront Director at Three Point.  Wendy received the DAR Good Citizenship Award/Medal – Beacon Pole Hill Chapter – at Yawgoog during the summer of 1947.

JOHNSON, CDR. Carlton R. USN (Ret.) (Portsmouth, RI) 1980’s – First two weeks in St. Lawrence Council (Northern New York) at Camp Vigor by St. Lawrence River in 1953.  Active in Scouting ever since.  Narragansett Council Advisory Board & Pack 50 chartered organization rep.

LOWENSTEIN, Ari (Brooklyn, NY) 1983 – Business Development Manager at the Unemployed Philosophers Guild (www.upgulid.com).  Newly engaged!  (Ari – so good to hear from you!  Your first year at camp was my first year as Secretary to the Scout Executive at Narragansett Council – in 1983 it was Vince Borrelli – still see him and his lovely wife Ginny from time to time.  Since Vince retired in 1990, I worked for Roy L. Williams – who went on to be Chief Scout Executive at our National Office; Lyle K. Antonides who is now a retired BSA professional; David S. Anderson, who’s untimely death in December of 2011 was one of the saddest days of my life; and, now, our current Scout Executive, John H. Mosby.  Hope to see you and the soon-to-be Mrs. Lowenstein at our August 1st Celebration!  Judy)

MARSELLO, Greg (Tiverton, RI) 1966 – For those of you who may not know, Greg Marsello is the son of the late Robert Marsello and Jane Williams-Marsello.  Greg’s mom, Jane, is the daughter of J. Harold Williams, which makes Greg, J. Harold’s grandson.  Greg went to Yawgoog with Troop 117 Warwick – but I’m sure he was there many times prior to that!  It’s great having three generations of J. Harold Williams’ Family involved in Scouting in Narragansett Council.  (We do have the best volunteers in the World right here in our great Council! Judy)

MCDONALD, Patrick (West Warwick, RI) 1996 – Pat recently started a new job in Warwick.  Pat held several positions on staff at Yawgoog including New Frontier Director and Climbing director.

MCNIFF, Col. John (Columbia, MD) 1950 – John is an Eagle Scout and attended Yawgoog with Troop 33 Cranston.  He held many positions on staff including Medicine Bow Mess Hall Staff, Assistant SM Dan Boone (Provisional), Roving SM and SM Camp Minnekesu.

MOONEY, Frank (Seekonk, MA) 1954 – Frank writes: Taught for 39 years, still coaching in a high school.  Presently, I serve as the Executive Director of a large non-profit Track Coaches Association.

MORAN, Edward (Sarasota, FL) – Heard from my good friend Eddie Moe!  He still loves Florida and can’t blame him, especially after the February that we’ve had!!  Hey, Eddie, I’m getting close to retirement, do you think there’s a job for me at a Florida Council?  Best regards, Judy.

David Nichols 1944

David Nichols 1944

NICHOLS, David R. (Princeton, MA) 1942 – Also heard from my good friend Dave Nichols – he promised me that he would come to Yawgoog’s 100th Camping Season Celebration on August 1st.   Dave’s got quite a Yawgoog resume:  Office Boy/Office Clerk/Office Manager; Three Point Waterfront Director; Three Point Assistant Division Director; DAR (Yawgoog); Member of Winchecks; and, Knights of Yawgoog.  With those credentials, Dave, we should hear some interesting tales on August 1st!  Looking forward to seeing you!  Judy

PENDERGAST, Thomas (Vero Beach, FL) 1945 – Thomas writes: I turned 82 years old in March and am still an active Scouter.  I was at Yawgoog when World War II ended – it was my first year at camp.  (Tom earned many awards as a Scouting volunteer including District Award of Merit and the Silver Beaver. He was also a Wood Badge Course Director with the Gulfstream Council!  Keep up the good work Tom!  Judy)

RHEAUME, Ernest R. (Cranston, RI) 1995 – Got married last year to Kim Gilmore.  (Congratulations Ernie!  Judy)

RAGOSTA, JR. ESQ., Vincent F. (East Greenwich, RI) 1966 – Attorney in private practice Providence, RI for 36 years concentrating in Labor Relations and Employment Litigation.  (Vincent is a relatively new member of our Yawgoog Alumni Association but is no stranger to Yawgoog having served as Medicine Bow Waterfront Counselor, Assistant Director and Director!  He is also an Eagle Scout.  Welcome aboard Vincent!  Judy)

RAYMOND, Alan (Wentzville, MO) 1969 – Alan writes: I now live in the St. Louis area.  Married 26 years with 3 children.  I work as an environmental management professional for an agricultural business company.  My many years at Yawgoog as a camper, CIT Corps and staff member were fantastic with many great memories.

RAYMOND, David (Cumberland, RI) 1963 – David writes: I’m retired from the PVD Fire Department – 33 years’ service.  Eagle Scout 1979, Yawgoog Camper Troop 10 Lincoln Sandy Beach Wk. #1.  Yawgoog Staff 67, 68, 69 Medicine Bow Trading Post, Craft Center, Troop Comm.  George the Great Pumpkin C.D.  (Okay, Dave, I was with you until you got to ‘George the Great Pumpkin C.D.” – that one you will have to explain!  Judy)

SCHENCK, Alfred E. (No. Smithfield, RI) 1941 – Alfred writes: My son, Dr. Allen Schenck, and his son Alex (my grandson) were both Boy Scouts.  Alex became an Eagle Scout.

Austin Sheeley

Austin Sheeley

SHEELEY, Austin (Albuquerque, NM) 2009 – Austin writes: Best summer job ever!  Now serving as First Lieutenant in the United States Air Force.  Bow for the Bow!  (Hey Austin – thank you for your service to our Country and to us!  Judy)

SULLIVAN, Thomas (Cumberland, RI) 2006 – Sophomore engineering student at URI.  Fraternity brother at Phi Gamma Delta.  Contracted US Army ROTC Cadet.

THOMAS, Carol A. and Simon P. (Norwood, MA) 2001 – Both Carol and Simon are very active Scouters in Norwood, Massachusetts.  Simon has received the District Award of Merit.  He is a member of the Blue Hill Ski Patrol and served as Patrol Director and he is certified in the National Ski Patrol.  Carol is also a District Award of Merit recipient, Vigil Honor, and St. George Adult Religious Medal recipient.  She served as the District Advancement Chair and she was the 2013 Norwood Rotary’s Person of the Year.  Carol and Simon’s son is entering his second year as a Challenge Staff Member at Yawgoog.

WASSAR M.D., Marvin (Cranston, RI) 1960 – Marvin writes: I still work every day as a pediatrician in Cranston, RI as well as serving as Clinical Assistant Professor for the Alpert School of Medicine in Brown University.  I encourage all of my male patients to be active in Scouting and have been invited to many of their Eagle Courts of Honor.  (Dr. Wassar also served as a Yawgoog Camp Physician from 1983 to 1994!  And, yes, Dr. Wassar, we would be interested in a Philmont RI Trip patch from 1964.   Why don’t you bring it with you to our August 1st Reunion and Celebration?  Judy)

wwwWHITTAKER, Alan J. (Hope Valley, RI) 1960 – Alan is a 2015 recipient of the Silver Beaver Award.  He celebrated the 50th Anniversary of his Eagle Scout Award on 11/9/14.  (See photo to the right – Alan is the second from the left)

YOST, William (Bayport, NY) 1984 – William writes: I camped as a Scout in Medicine Bow for the 75th year and I will be returning for the 100th as an ASM with my son’s troop this summer.  They stay in Three Point with Troop 184 Sayville, NY.



A “Scout Salute” to Deceased Alumni

Members and Family Members


Col. Robert Joseph Cotell, USA (Wellesley, MA) January 6, 2015

Robert L. Crudup, Sr. (Portsmouth, RI) August 30, 2014

Bradford N. Fowler (Warwick, RI) December 30, 2010

Donald J. Driscoll (No. Scituate, RI) October 26, 2014

Roland G. Frenette (Coventry, RI) December 11, 2013

Edwin E. Gould (No. Scituate, RI) December 16, 2014

Harold “Buzz” Greenhalgh, III (Cranston, RI) February 27, 2015

Harold H. Homonoff (Providence, RI) March 2, 2014

Murray Massover (New Rochelle, NY) March 3, 2015

Irwin Talbot, Jr. (Cranston, RI) December 26, 2014

Vahram K. Tashjian (Barrington, RI) July 18, 2014





3 Responses to Personals

  1. John A. Kingston Sr April 18, 2015 at 2:16 pm #

    Rest in Peace to all those listed above. Especially sorry to learn of Murray Massover’s passing. I got to see him a couple of years ago at one of the reunions. He was my lifesaving merit badge counselor and was a tough instructor, but I valued the lessons he taught and valued the award all the more having earned it from him. I am glad I got to express that to him.

  2. Mark "Hoppy" Hopkins April 20, 2015 at 1:41 pm #

    Hi Judy,

    Just thought I would provide you with a little background on your comment to Dave Raymond.
    George Egan looks like a pumpkin (back then anyway) plus everyone knew about the Charley Brown story so we affectionately called him the “Great Pumpkin”. He was the MBCD in 1968 when I came on staff at age 13 to work in the Crafts Ctr. he held that position for 5 years and I created the 1971 MB staff neckerchief with a caricature of him as an Indian with a tear in his eye and five feathers on his spear.

    Send me an email and I will provide you with a picture of the 1971 MB Staff neckerchief.


  3. George Egan May 10, 2015 at 9:29 pm #

    Hi everyone
    The name “The Great Pumpkin” originated when I was the WFD at MB. I had an orange bathing suit so the “Great Pumpkin” got its beginning. It followed me during my tenure at Yawgoog.
    Working at Yawgoog was a great 25 years. Brought my sister’s grandson to week 3 last year, this year he and the scouts at Baden Powell week three will meet up again. Typical Yawgoog comoradship. He goes to Goshen first but nothing beats Yawgoog!!

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