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BRUNNCKOW, E. Everett Yarmouthport, MA 1936 – Thanks Ev for your extra donation and for your note for us to apply it any way that is most helpful! Thanks also for your kind words: “The Belltower is getting better with every publication; the 2016 edition was a joy to read, especially the article by Tom DelPrete. Congratulations!” We did have a wonderful 100th Anniversary Celebration this past summer and the support and the camaraderie that took place the entire weekend will be forever etched in my mind. I loved every minute of the entire weekend – THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO MADE THIS WEEKEND POSSIBLE. WAY TOO MANY TO MENTION BUT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND I LOVE ALL OF YOU! Judy

ISABEL, Daniel P.F. (Riverside, RI) Hey Dan, I must tell you that I never received such a glowing letter from any alumnus because we sent out a letter asking for membership dues – in all of my 34 years here at the Narragansett Council! Thank you so much – hope you don’t mind me sharing it with everyone! “Dear YAA. What a wonderful letter to receive! At a time of such partisan discourse and vitriol in our nation, it can sometimes seem difficult to see through the fog to the bonds and values that truly unite us. To open a letter from the YAA with my 2017 Alumni Association Member patch already enclosed “in anticipation of (my) support” speaks volumes. I am so proud to be a member of an organization where character, loyalty, and charity are simply assumed (without a second thought). This trust that not only I, but all members of the Alumni Association, can be counted on to “do the right thing” and continue to “keep the spirit of Yawgoog burning brightly for all future generations” is inspirational. We need Scouting and Yawgoog now more than ever! This act of trust has reminded me of the sincere importance and beauty of the tenants of our Scout Law. We need not doubt in the unity of our country. As always, the Scouts are here to guide us and train those who will follow. Thank you for all the work you do and God Bless. Yours in Scouting, Daniel P.F. Isabel”. Wow, Dan, beautifully said. You and the other thousand plus Yawgoog Alumni Association Members are the main reason I love my job so much and why I hope I can continue my association with all of you for many years to come! Judy

NICHOLS, David R. (Princeton, MA) 1942 – Both Gwen Mazanetz and I were wondering why our buddy Dave Nichols did not attend the 100th Anniversary Celebration at Yawgoog this past summer. Well, lo’ and behold I heard from Dave at Christmastime and here is what he had to say: “Dear Judy, If there was ever an annual YAA celebration at Yawgoog that I didn’t want to miss – this was surely the one. July 30th was circled on my calendar months in advance as a red-letter day and I had clearly planned to be at Yawgoog’s 100 Year Centennial beCelebration. But events got in the way. Five days earlier I had major sinus surgery that called for a relaxed and slowed-down follow up. Unknown to me at the same time the fatigue and shortness of breath I was experiencing were from pneumonia that was diagnosed just two weeks later. The sinus surgery was successful and I think it had put an end to years of recurring infection.

The pneumonia, in spite of antibiotic treatment, is still with me but I think I’m turning the corner and I hope this week’s CT Scan will show that to be the case. As you remember I did get to Yawgoog in 2015 for the beginning of the Centennial year celebration and it was a fine event. My memory says that only 12 of us from the ‘40’s made it back for that one. This year’s turnout must have been huge and I wish I could have been there. There won’t be another like it in my lifetime. I’d be remiss not to mention the wonderful writings of Tom DelPrete in the Fall, 2016, issue of the Belltower – “Yawgoog – A Timeless Experience”. It was a beautiful tribute to what Yawgoog has meant to so many of us. I was there as a camper for 2 weeks in the summers of ’42 and ’43 and on staff for 8 summers from ’44 through ’51. Tom’s writings bring back all the memories and feelings of those wonderful years. His essay is a beautiful remembrance and at the same time is a Classic. Thank you so very much Tom.” Well, Dave, I knew it had to be something serious to keep you from coming to this celebration! Glad you are finally on the road to recovery. Okay, all you 1940’s Alumni who attended this year’s Centennial Celebration, send Dave an email and some good wishes! You may reach Dave at: smachange25@gmail.com Love you Dave! Hope your New Year is filled with much love and good health! Judy



May your life
Be like good wine
Tasty, sharp and clear,
And like good wine
May it improve
With every passing year.

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  1. Joe DeCecco June 15, 2017 at 9:45 pm #

    I am finally be able to attend a reunion as I recently retired from my career as a Wisconsin prosecutor. I don’t remember the exact years I was on staff there, but I worked at Sandy Beach as a Troop Commissioner under Don Driscol and then Jim Essex. I later worked as Three Point Assistant Camp Director under Doc Krasner.

    I worked with some incredible people — Joe Herbold, Murray Massover, Dave Powers, Lorne Adrian, “Azzy”, Dave Gadbois, Steve “Hoppy” Hopkins, The DiPrete brothers, Mike Finch, Al Gunther, Dave Kenyan and Gus and Don Fowler to name just a few that immediately come to mind. Please forgive any misspellings or omissions as it’s been a long time and a lot of water has gone over the Yawgoog spillway.

    I will attend the 2017 reunion this year. I am very excited to renew old acquaintances. To those I’ve worked with over the years — please, please try to attend as I would be extremely delighted to see you again after all these years. My home is now in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, but my heart remains in that incredible place in Rockville.

    Joe DeCecco

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