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ADLER, Steven (Cranston, RI) 1977 – I was on staff at Medicine Bow in 82’, 83’ and 84’. Loved every minute of it and to this day I reminisce with my friends and family. Keep up the good work at Camp Yawgoog! (Thanks to all the Alumni for the good work at Yawgoog……without their support, we couldn’t have kept Camp Yawgoog the pristine ‘Adventureland Forever’!!!!   Hope to see you at the Homecoming Celebrations this July! Judy)

ARCHER, Dr. Roy ‘Pat”(Escondido, CA) 1953 – I’ve been a Scoutmaster for 38 years and 153 Eagles have passed through my Troop! (Well, Pat, you have a lot to be proud of…..we are proud of you and we thank you for your many years of service! Hope to see you at Camp Yawgoog! Judy)

Jim Fowler

Jim Fowler

FOWLER, Jim (Middletown, RI) – Always have fun! Thanks for 10 glorious years! (Hi Jim….fun is what Yawgoog is all about. The learning part just happens and the Scouts don’t even realize it! Hope to see you on July 30th! Judy).

BRUNNCKOW, Everett (Yarmouth Port, MA) 1936 – I often ponder about all my 82 Providence pals that have joined “Gus” and “The Chief”. GREAT MEMORIES! (Ev, you are not alone – I think about Gus all the time and how proud he would be of Yawgoog and of all of you if he were here today! Well, I know one thing for certain, Gus and Chief will be with us “in spirit” in July at the Homecoming Weekend Celebrations of Yawgoog’s 100th Anniversary! Hope to see you there! Judy)

CARDIN, Roger G. (No. Smithfield, RI) 1954 – Hey Roger – a little birdie told me that you camped at Three Point and Medicine Bow when you came to Yawgoog with Troop 850 Woonsocket. Another birdie told me that you are a ‘volunteer extraordinaire’ earning the Silver Beaver Award, OA Honor Vigil and the George Meany Award! Looking forward to seeing you on July 30th! Judy

CHERNICK, Dr. Warren (Bradenton, FL) 1941 – It’s never too late. At the age of 86 I published my first novel. It has received excellent reviews on Amazon where it is available as a paper back or on Kindle. As a medical school professor and department chairman and dean of a medical school, I have published many medical journals but this was my first novel. It’s titled, “Mustang, War in the Pacific and Europe”. (That’s terrific Warren! Good luck with your novel…..hope you make it to the top 10 Book list! Judy)

Judy Ferrante

Judy Ferrante

FERRANTE, Judy(West Warwick, RI) 1983 – Hi my treasured Alumni Members! It’s been 33 years working for the Narragansett Council and “helping Gus with his newly formed Yawgoog Alumni Association”.  Can’t believe that I am still here and still enjoying every minute working at the Council and working with all of you! I have made many friends over the past 33 years and I love each and every one of you!!  Please join me at the Homecoming Weekend this July 29th through 31st at Yawgoog – I promise that I will have a ‘hug’ for every one of you!!   All my love, Judy!

DWYER, William “Bill” (Pitman, NJ) 1949 – Here’s another story from Bill Dwyer! “After serving on staff for two years, I was called by Chief Williams for an important meeting in his Providence office. I met a group of guys, some I knew. Chief talked about a new –program for the ensuing summer called ‘Adventure Trails”. Six outpost camps would be determined with one for each program.   The program would have six different outpost themes such as ‘Ashaway’ for fishing and ‘Polaris’ for star gazing. My selection was “Camp Sourdough”. Each ‘hikemaster’ would take a selected troop out into the woods for an overnight stay and conduct their specialty. We all had much fun all summer long. My program was to teach Scouts how to prepare and bake an apple pie over an open fire utilizing a Dutch Oven.   My outpost camp had an adjoining blueberry field. Needless to say, we baked many more blueberry pies rather than apple. They always came out wonderful. Had many great friends that summer such as Rod McGarry, Frank Dutra, Dick Guidon, J. Ross McCanna, Tom Whittingslow and many more.

Frank Foisy

Frank Foisy

FOISY, SR., Frank E. (Deerfield, NH) 1959 – Retired last April. Looking forward to camp this summer. Sad that it may be my last as when my wife retires, we will be moving North to both retire. Can’t believe it’s been 22 years as an adult leader at Camp. Where does the time go! (Hey Frank, how much farther North are you going? Only place left is Maine… unless you are  thinking of Canada!! Still not too far for you to return to camp every summer so we expect to still see you! Make sure you make it there this summer on July 30th! Judy)

JOHNSON, JR., Charles W. (Utica, NY) 1917 – Being 101 years old, I am in a nursing home with limited living conditions. Judy keeps me up to date on Yawgoog. (Hello Charlie my love! Glad you didn’t tell everyone that you are my boyfriend….news like that will travel like wildfire! Don’t you worry, we’ll have plenty of photos and material to share with you on Yawgoog’s 100th Anniversary! Love and hugs to you Charlie!   Your girl Judy)

NICHOLS, Dave (Princeton, MA) 1942 – The celebration of Yawgoog’s 100th Camping Season last year was a summer highlight for me and my wife, Chris! (Well, Dave, it was a highlight for me too because I got to see you and Chris and I haven’t seen you in 15 years! I might add that the years have been kind to Chris….you – not so much! JJ Hope I get to see you both again on July 30th! Judy)

Paul Hagenau, Age 12

HAGENAU, W. Paul (Lutz, FL) 1949 – I am still teaching school at the Academy at the Lakes in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. It is my 54th year of teaching. (Keep inspiring our kids Paul…..hope you are planning a visit to Yawgoog this summer! Judy)

LANZI, James R. (Warwick, RI) 1956 – I have been Reunion Chairman for many years now and it’s always great to see new faces at each Reunion. Now is the time at our 100th Anniversary that we should all unite and make this Yawgoog Reunion the best ever! Please think about it and make every effort to attend this year’s Reunion on July 30th! (My sentiments exactly Jim!   Thanks for all your hard work each year to give us a good…GREAT… time at Yawgoog! Judy)

MARTINO, Rob. (Sound Beach, NY) 1993 – Run a successful financial planning practice. Head the BSA SCC Endowment Trust Committee. (Thanks Rob…..healthy endowments will keep Scouting going for generations to come! See you on July 30th! Judy)

MILLSPAUGH, Ian (Barrington, RI) 2008 – I’m an Eagle Scout and on staff at Three Point. I’m the recipient of an H. Cushman Anthony Scholarship in 2014 and the Greg Zavota Humanitarian Scholarship in 2015. Recently visited Hong Kong, Shenzhen & Guangzhou, China to study manufacturing techniques. (Wow, Ian…..that must have been an exciting trip! Now, it will be a very short trip from Barrington to Rockville for Yawgoog’s 100th Anniversary Celebration on July 30th! See you there! Judy)

MILLSPAUGH, Marc (Barrington, RI) 2007 – Last December the ‘Barrington Times’ ran a great article on Marc who was awarded the prestigious William T. Hornaday Gold Badge by the Narragansett Council. This is a National Award which recognizes Marc’s significant influence on educational, environmental and youth programs during a period of no less than three years. Marc has worked closely with the Scouts of Troop 6 Barrington. He serves as the Troop’s Chartered Organization Representative and as a Committee Member of the Troop.  And, most importantly, Ian’s dad! (A well-deserved award Marc – CONGRATULATIONS! Judy)

Frank Foisy, 1961

HARRIS, Wendell G. (Cumberland, RI) 1940 – Love communicating with my buddy ‘Wendy’. Still waiting for you and Gail to visit me at the Council Office in East Providence… I’ll even spring for lunch!!! Make sure you two get to Yawgoog on July 30th!   I have hugs for both of you! Judy

PHANEUF, Robert R. (Lincoln, RI) – Great Reunion! (Glad you enjoyed it Bob….so you’ll be back again this year on July 30th, right! Judy)

RAYMOND, David (Cumberland, RI) 1963 – Camper Troop 10 Lincoln 64-66; Camp Staff 67, 68, 69 Medicine Bow; Eagle Scout 1969; Troop Committee Member Troop 1 Manville.   My son Camper at Yawgoog Troop 1 Manville; Camp Staff Medicine Bow Waterfront; Eagle Scout in 1999.   (Well, Dave, looks like, “like father, like son”. Hope to see your entire family at Yawgoog’s 100th Anniversary Celebration on July 30th! Judy)

QUARANTA, Dean (Colorado Springs, CO) – Look forward to seeing everyone at Yawgoog in July! (Well, Dean, we are all looking forward to seeing you again this year on July 30th! Hope you can stay the entire weekend and enjoy all the festivities! Judy)

THOMAS, Carol A. and Simon P. & FAMILY (Norwood, MA) 2001 – Both Carol and Simon are very active Scouters in Norwood, Massachusetts and have been coming to Yawgoog since 2001 with Troop 49 Norwood. Not only have Carol and Simon signed up as members of the Yawgoog Alumni Association but so have their five children: David, Jack, Joseph, Michael and Mary!! Now, that is a SCOUTING FAMILY! We are looking forward to seeing all of you at Yawgoog on July 30th! Judy

WESTCOTT, Harry S. (Needham, MA) 1935 – Daughter in Voyageurs Area Council in Minnesota and is Silver Beaver, Wood Badge Instructor and Jambo “Scoutmaster”. Wonder woman named Lee. (Well, Harry, looks like the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree! See you on July 30th! Judy)

Tom Gulluscio at Camp Three Point in 1978

Tom Gulluscio at Camp Three Point in 1978

GULLUSCIO, JR., Thomas (Westerly, RI) 1978 – My youngest son just aged out after making Eagle in 2015. I’ve been in Three Point on and off since 1978.  Still going back to help Troop 10 Westerly.  (Hi Tom…..hard to quit once Yawgoog gets in your blood, isn’t it! We hope you never stop coming to Yawgoog!! Hope to see you on July 30th! Judy)

WITTHOHN, John (West Babylon, NY) Bayport, NY) 1984 – John called me looking for his “send the money flyer” as he said that “The Alumni Fund uses the interest earned and any other profit derived from the fund to improve Yawgoog; therefore, if I help keep Yawgoog alive and well, Yawgoog will be pristine in the future for possibly my grandsons. No Yawgoog, No Campers!” Well, John, I couldn’t have said that any better myself!   Thanks for the insight and your continued support!   Hope to see you on July 30th! Judy

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  1. Harry Westcott April 8, 2016 at 2:13 am #

    Hey Ev,
    At 91 my mind is still clear enough to remember those early days at Yawgoog and one of my first friends there, Ev Brunnckow.
    Give me a lick on the email above and have a chat.
    Harry Westcott, Gaspee Plateau, Troop 1.
    Three Point Bugler and Camp Quartermaster, 1940-41

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