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From the Reservation Director

The 99th summer camping season has come to a close and the 100th season is upon us. More than 6,450 Scouts, representing nearly 300 Troops, 22 Councils and 9 States, made their home at Yawgoog this past summer. If history repeats itself, they will all have ended their weeks taking with them the memories of […]
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Centennial Schedule

2015:  Come and Experience Yawgoog May 9, 2015 – Day of Service Come spend a day with the Yawgoog Staff and Alumni Association as we prepare for our 100th Camping Season. This event is open to adults and Scout-aged youth. Free May 30-31, 2015 – Family Camping Weekend Come back to camp for a two-day, […]
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Welcome to Fall Belltower 2014

Yawgoog Alumni Association Members, The 99th Yawgoog camping season has now ended and we will now begin our planning for the celebration of Yawgoog’s 100th Season!  But first a recap of YAA’s support to Yawgoog over the past year . . . . Your generosity and support allowed YAA to support Yawgoog programs and infrastructure […]
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Gus’s Gossip

Doug Sherburne, Yawgoog Alumnus and former Camp Staff Man sent in a few photos.  We could sure use some help trying to identify the people in the pictures.  Can you help identify the people in these photos? We know that Inky Armstrong is in the middle with the white t-shirt (left photo). Wayne was a student […]
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Yawgoog Days 2014

On August 2nd we gathered for the 34th time at our favorite camping place.  On this special day, alumni were given the opportunity to swim in Yawgoog Pond, paddle a canoe, enjoy a rowboat, kayak, sail, try out the new paddleboards, learn low COPE skills, make a basket, braid a lanyard, and do all the […]
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Staff Scholarship Winners

The Yawgoog Alumni Association is proud to have been able to offer five $1,500 scholarships to Yawgoog staff men who have demonstrated long term commitment, dedication, and outstanding job performance to Yawgoog Scout Reservation. We strongly believe this scholarship program supports the Alumni’s mission of preserving the heritage and traditions of Yawgoog. By supporting and helping to keep long-term […]
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Yawgoog Heritage Center

Thank you to those who have previously given memorabilia and artifacts to the Heritage Center. Through your generosity we have been able to provide interesting and informative displays for Scouts of every generation. We are always seeking additional memorabilia, artifacts, and documents to make our collection more complete. Our objective is to preserve Camp Yawgoog’s heritage so each new generation of […]
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