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Yawgoog Alumnus – Charles Johnson, Jr.

Utica, New York – 100 Yrs Old

Charles Johnson, Jr.

Charles Johnson, Jr.

Here’s our friend, Charlie Johnson, back with some nostalgia!

1927 – First Dress Parade – Chief Williams said, “Roll your shorts – you are now  a veteran”.

1928 – At a Dress Parade I was chosen to be a Wincheck Indian by having a red line on my nose.

1929 – I had a potato on a string around my neck to indicate that I had been chosen a Knight of Yawgoog.

As an all summer camper I chose Tuocs for my camp instead of Sandy Beach.

I had a tent mate – a Toussaint – L’Overton Johnson (not a relative).

In Camp Oak Ridge, there was a Charles William Johnson, Jr. from Warwick (not a relative).

Marched in Fourth of July Parade in Hope Valley.

1931 – Chief made me janitor at the Bucklin Memorial Group (first janitor).

I moved into Angelo Zuccolo’s tent (Zook the Spook).

1932 – I became J.O. (Junior Officer) in charge of Medicine Bow mess hall and Assistant Waterfront Director.

 The staff at camp were known as SO’s (Senior Officers) and JO’s (Junior Officers) and I remember a few names.

 They were Chief Williams, Gus Anthony, Uncle Brad Field, Art Leidman, Chris Gunderson, Ray Westcott, Don Lamb, Dan O’Grady, Elgin Westcott, Bill & Tom Gilbane, Ralph Richardson and Inky Armstrong.

 Inky was a Beta Phi Fraternity brother at Rhode Island College (now CCRI).  Inky and I played cards (gin and blackjack). Inky ALWAYS won and I NEVER paid.  I did that at camp and several years later when I visited him.

This has been written by Eagle Scout Charles William Johnson, Jr. and I will never forget the enjoyment and education I received at the Best Boy Scout Camp in the World – Camp Yawgoog!

Thanks, Charlie, for all the memories…

xoxoxoxo   Judy


November 1953 at Yawgoog

November 1953 at Yawgoog

Looks like we received a couple of more ‘star’ identifications in this picture.

From left to right:

1) Possibly Harvey Tracy

2) Mal Salter is second from the left

3) Dave Wilbourn, third from left – only face showing

4) Fourth from left – still unknown

5) Fifth from the left behind Inky might be Ross McKenna

6) Sixth from the left front and center is Inky Armstrong

7) Seventh from the left is Ken Maymon

8) Eighth from the left – still unknown

9) Ninth from the left could be Wayne Hollingsworth

Thanks to Mal Salter and Rod McGarry for the identifications!

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  1. Tony Booth July 10, 2015 at 5:45 pm #

    All three of your “might be”, could be” or “possibly” are correct. Sorry that I couldn’t identify the other two. Judy, you published a picture recently of Frick and Frack aka Alden and Stan. Could you send me that one again?


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