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Hey, Doug Sherburne – looks like one of our Yawgoog Alumnus came through with identification of some of the people in the photos you sent.  Mal Salter, who recognized himself in the photos, identified the other guys he knew.

Gus 1The tall man in the white t-shirt to the left is Mal Salter, who was Waterfront Director at the Bow.

The man dead center facing the camera is David Wilbourn, Camp Naturalist.

Second from right facing away from the camera in the striped shirt is Ken Maymon, who was head of the Stockade.

Mal says that this photo was taken in August of 1953 – not November.  The photos were probably developed in November.


Second from the left is Mal Salter.

Third from the left with just his face showing is Dave Wilbourn.

The larger man in the center is, of course, Ranger Inky Armstrong.

Third from the right is Ken Maymon.

Mal says that the man at the extreme right could be Wayne Hollingsworth, but he’s not sure.

Thanks, Mal – great job!  Okay, Alumni – send me more old photos and if you are not sure who is in the photo, we will reach out to other Alumni to help identify the ‘stars’.  You know where to find me – jferrante@narragansettbsa.org




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  1. Doug Sherburne April 15, 2015 at 10:14 pm #

    Mal – thanks for your inputs on the photos! I’m going to take a crack at it also, adding to Mal’s:

    Photo 1: Person behind Dave Wilbourn with head showing is J. Ross McKenna, then-Newport Exec. Far right is same guy as Mal’s ID as possibly Wayne Hollingsworth.

    Photo 2: Far left is Harvey Tracy, next to Mal. Ross McKenna’s head shows behind Inkey.

    These two photos were given to me by Stan Liebo when we were in contact several years before his death.

  2. tony booth April 17, 2015 at 7:49 pm #

    The one on the far right IS Wayne Hollansworth and the one on the far left is Harvey Tracy.


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