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Commemorating Yawgoog’s 100th


Yawgoog Alumni Association Membership Patches

There are two special patches that no Yawgoog 100 collection will be complete without, and they are only available to Yawgoog Alumni Association members! That’s right, the YAA is marking Yawgoog’s 100th with these commemorative three-inch round membership patches.

How do you add them to your collection? Well, if you paid your dues in 2015 or are a Lifetime Member, you should already have your “100th Season” patch. If you have paid your 2016 YAA dues, all you have to do is watch your mailbox for the “Centennial” edition.

If you are not currently a YAA member, join or renew your membership by visiting the Camp Yawgoog website (www.yawgoog.org) and click on the “Yawgoog Alumni Association” green bar at the bottom of its homepage. There you will find a convenient link to pay your 2016 dues, as well as one to contribute to funding for the Association’s upcoming projects. Last, and certainly not least, the page is your link to the next online edition of the Belltower and an archive of previous editions.


The Yawgoog 100 Endowment Fund

In order to protect and build upon the legacy of Yawgoog as a “Scout Adventureland, Forever,” Rhode Island Boy Scouts has created a “Yawgoog 100” Endowment Fund. Gifts to this million-dollar fund will be permanently restricted with the proceeds going only to support Yawgoog.


Bucklin Memorial

There are many levels at which you can support this fund, starting at only $100. Gifts between that amount and $1,000 will be commemorated by engraved bricks along the walkway from the Bucklin to the flagpole in the Donald North Court. As you can see, work on this project has started.

When completed, dedicated cornerstones, markers, and bricks in the flagpole area will honor donors making gifts of $25,000 and above. The rest of the engraved brick walkway will serve as a constant reminder to Scouts and Scouters in the future about those in whose footsteps they follow.

For more information on how you can contribute to this endowment, either directly or through gifts from assets, such as stocks, bonds, insurance and IRA distributions, annuities, etc., please contact Judy Ferrante at the Council office, or visit www.narragansettbsa.org/document/yawgoog-100-brochure/149197.

100th Anniversary Merchandise

Narragansett Council is offering a fantastic selection of commemorative merchandise, including special belts, tee and sweat shirts, campfire mugs, and even a limited edition wooden presentation box containing a belt buckles, bolo, hat pin, and Barlow pocket knife.

Commemorative Merchandise

Commemorative Merchandise

Of course, there are a number of special patches, including a 6-inch jacket patch and a smaller 3-inch Yawgoog Round, as well as four distinctive CSPs honor Yawgoog and each of its three camps. Don’t forget to check out the limited edition Glow in the Dark CSP set, too!

These items are available now at the council’s stores or online at www.narragansettbsa.org/online-store/1213 or visit the newly revamped Camp Yawgoog website (www.yawgoog.org) and click on the “Yawgoog100th Celebration On-line Store Event Registration and More” green bar at the bottom of its homepage.


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