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Catching Up

ABATUNO, Matt (No. Providence, RI) 1999 – I am an Eagle Scout and first attended Yawgoog in 1999 with Troop 76 Providence.  Been on staff at Yawgoog for many years as Office Clerk, Office Manager, Assistant Business Manager and currently as Business Manager.  (And, Dude, I for one am happy you are working in the Office at Yawgoog during the summer season because that makes my job a lot easier!  Judy)

MATTHEWS, Richard A. (Greensboro, NC) 1945 – I had wonderful summers at Yawgoog both as a camper and a staff member.  I have many fond memories at all three camps.  (Richard, I understand that you were a bugler & Mess hall Manager at Medicine Bow; Camp Pioneer Campmaster at Three Point; and Daniel Boone Campmaster at Sandy Beach; – thanks for sharing that information.  Judy).

PLATT, Jr.  Ronalds J.R. (Providence, RI) 1961 – I first attended Yawgoog in 1961 with Troop 82 Providence.  Have been a member of Narragansett Council for 50 years and in the RI Track Coaches Hall of Fame. (Ronalds, thank you for all your years of service!  Judy)

SHIELDS, Robert  (Chepachet, RI) 1980 – I’m married for 20 years now and have four children.  Both of my boys are in Scouts.  (Apples didn’t fall too far from the tree, Bob!  Judy)

SPENCER, Kevin (Portsmouth, RI) 2004 – First attended Yawgoog in 2004 with Troop 6 Bristol.  Have been on staff since 2011, first at the Nature Center and last year working with the Eagle Badge Sustainability Program.  (Thanks, Kevin… hope you keep coming back on staff!   Judy)

VALLI, Christian (Lyme, CT) 2006 – I worked at both Three Point and Sandy Beach from 2001 thru 2014.  I am an Eagle Scout.  (Good job… Eagle Scout!  Judy)

VAUGHN, Robert (Ocean View, DE) 1940 – I worked on staff at both Sandy Beach and Medicine Bow.  In 1942 I was the baker’s assistant working for Joe Cribari.  In 1943 I was the Assistant Chef at Medicine Bow and in 1944 I was Scoutmaster of the holdover camp in Medicine Bow.  (Hey, Bob, I have an ‘only in Rhode Island’ story for you.  Joe Cribari was my first cousin – his mother and my father were brother and sister.  Joe went on to be a famous piano player/conductor and worked for Ferrante & Teicher for many years before his untimely death.  Ironically, Joe worked for Ferrante & Teicher and his mother’s maiden name was also Ferrante – no relation.  So see, this connection makes you and me practically cousins… at least that’s how we look at it in Rhode Island!  Judy)

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