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An interview with Fred Schultz

When I asked Frederick W. Schultz, Managing Director of Seaward Management in Boston, Massachusetts, what did you learn from Scouting and working at Camp Yawgoog that has helped you in your career, he immediately answered, “the ability to listen”.  He said that in his job he must be able to listen to his clients in order to help them and he learned that well while on staff at Yawgoog.

Fred became a Cub Scout and his mother immediately signed on as a Den Mother.  Two years later, Fred’s father became involved in Scouting, eventually becoming a Scoutmaster and holding that position with Troop 4 Barrington for over 25 years.  Fred’s father was a Star Scout and both Fred and his brother Bob attained the rank of Eagle.

Working at Yawgoog was a great experience for Fred and he stayed nine years. He said that he could never forget his last year on staff because Gus asked him to serve as the Sandy Beach Waterfront Director.  Fred and his soon-to-be wife, Kathy, were planning to get married in May of 1968, but when Gus asked Fred to be the Waterfront Director, Fred told Kathy that they would have to postpone the wedding to August, once camp was over!  Fred was grateful that when Kathy met Gus at camp that summer, she was pleasant to him even though he was the reason their wedding was delayed.

At Yawgoog, Fred held many positions on staff but the one that means the most to him was his position as the first ever Scoutmaster of the CIT Corps.  Appointed to this position by Al Mink, Fred said that they started the CIT Corps with pen and paper.  Little did Fred know at the time that the CIT Corps would grow into one of the finest and most important programs at Yawgoog to this day.  Fred was also the Assistant Commissioner at Three Point and ran that camp for 6 weeks.  He was Chief of the Wincheck Lodge for two years and during that time the first Area Conference was held at Yawgoog.

Yawgoog was a special place for Fred and he is grateful for his mentors and friends such as Al Mink, Art Matteson, Al Gunther and, of course, Gus Anthony.  Fred loved camp so much that when he got out of college early each year in May, he would go directly to camp and help Al Gunther and the rangers get camp ready for the summer season.  He and Al Gunther became good friends and Fred would babysit Al’s kids on occasion so that he and his wife would be able to go out for an evening.

Fred had the highest regard for everyone at camp even Mrs. Olson, the camp nurse.  Fred told me the story of how he had bought Kathy a bouquet of roses one night and when she stood him up that evening, he presented the flowers to Mrs. Olson, who I’m sure thought of Fred with great regards for the rest of the summer.

“Camp Yawgoog is beautiful”….that’s how Fred describes it.  He said he has only one disappointment and that is that some of the people he had hoped would get involved with the 100th Anniversary of Yawgoog didn’t and that disappointed him.  Fred’s final comment was, “Camp is beautiful and I hope someday that my grandchildren will attend Yawgoog and have some of the great experiences that I had as a camper and on staff.”

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