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‘A Profound Impact On My Life’

Scoutmaster Bradley 2No one can deny that Len Bradley Jr. has a Scouting family.

His father was a Boy Scout and attended Camp Yawgoog. All three of Len’s brothers were Boy Scouts; of the four boys, three were Eagle Scouts. His three sisters were Girl Scouts. And his parents volunteered as leaders.

And did we mention that one of Len Bradley’s sons is an Eagle Scout, the other a Life Scout and Yawgoog Staffer?

Today Bradley is a Vice President at DiPrete Engineering, which has offices in Cranston, Newport and Boston. He’s on the Yawgoog Alumni Association and its executive committee, completed his Woodbadge last year as a member of the Beaver Patrol. Bradley has planned the last few Buck Hill Klondike Derby events with fellow Troop 1 Diamond Hill Scoutmaster Steve Collard; Len himself is Scoutmaster of Troop 1 Arnold Mills in Cumberland, where he lives.

Scoutmaster BradleyIn his four summers working as a camp staffer, 1981-1984, Bradley got to work with Mike Kent, Greg Kelly, Tom DelPrete, Mike Moniz, Pete Berthelette and Mark Thornton. The camaraderie and sense of team work at camp was unforgettable, Bradley said.

“The guys became my family, best friends and mentors. Working at Yawgoog had a profound impact on my life,” he said. “Kent, Kelly, DelPrete, Moniz, Berthelette and Thornton were role models for me.” Working at camp offered a deeper level of this mentoring, Bradley said.

In addition to the camaraderie camp taught him, with campers working together on goals, Bradley has a deep appreciation of the heritage of Camp Yawgoog. “I worked there over 30 years ago, but the principles of the outdoors and camping still are with me today.”

At his office, Bradley said, that sense of camaraderie and unity makes professional collaborations something he’s been prepared for from a young age, not only with co-workers, but with state regulators and clients as well. “I take the approach that it’s a team — not just four walls of my office — that make it a win-win relationship, so the client can see their dream or vision to come to life. That lesson I learned at Yawgoog.

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