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A Note From our New Fundraising Chair

Hi all!

I’d like to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Matt Francis and I am the new chair of the fundraising subcommittee of the YAA.

I come to the YAA as a 3rd generation staffman and a third of four generations of Yawgoog campers! Camp is something I was born into and I’m proud to help give back through the YAA.

Fund raising begins with the most basic of tasks; getting members to pay their dues! Our sub-committee’s first meeting was a bit of a head scratcher. We racked our collective brains thinking of ways to communicate and appeal to vastly different segments of the memberships demographic.

We have staff level members who are 16 years old and do their spending online with Paypal and their communicating with brief cryptic messages over a 4G network. These members would never dream of paying a bill with a stamp and envelope!

The other side of the coin, our Senior members, are well aware of our time-honored method of mailing a letter and asking for a check to be returned. The challenge we face is how to effectively work with both ends of the spectrum and everyone in between.

We are going to work toward coming up with a multi-pronged approach that appeals to everyone without alienating anyone. Member dues are extremely important to the YAA’s ability to fund projects. It’s the life blood and main source of growing our restricted trust. Every dollar we add to the trust is there forever, collecting interest year after year. The more interest, the more we can accomplish at our beloved Yawgoog!



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